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Phil Spencer comfortable holding out of the VR market… for now

Despite what little the Xbox division has done to progress any piece of Virtual Reality hardware, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, sees no immediate rush for the company to enter the VR market. The lead man with Xbox certainly believes that the time is coming though.

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Spencer reitereated the company’s dedication to improving the current Xbox experience — like the slow UI.

“it’s just been about technologies and things that I think we need to do on Xbox One to make the experience better, and that’s where our focus has been.” – Phil Spencer (Edge Magazine)

Spencer went on to explain that VR isn’t vital for Xbox right now, but suggested five years from now it could be a much greater component within their plans. For now, the next innovative tech that may be implemented into the Xbox One is Microsoft’s HoloLens, but even with the potential that has the future of it as an
Xbox One peripheral is still unknown. “well, we haven’t announced it as an Xbox accessory, but it sits within one team, and we have the conversations.” For now the HoloLens will be worked on as its own independent project.

Though there are some ideas buzzing within Microsoft it seems that they will continue to stay as a spectator on the market. “So even from a content perspective there are a lot of conversations about VR, and I think it’s a very interesting tech for us to watch on the console side as well as the PC side.”