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Opening the doors to creativity – Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive takes an entirely backwards stance (in a very good way).

For the last decade or so the most popular emphasis developers have had for their game has been realism.

Their trailer even mocks the idea of this game being anything close to realistic, and that is what could make Sunset Overdrive the best upcoming next-gen game.

Be who you want and do what you want seems to be the mantra for this game; even if what you want doesn’t make any sense. This idea is crucial to unlocking the other-wise unseen potential of the creative use of next-gen hardware. While most other games focus on getting more and more polygons, they often forget the most important characteristic of a game – is it fun?

While most games do find a way to tell an exciting story with a captivating setting there has been a distinct lack of games to counter that. The popularity of the Burnout series and the Deadrising series show that sometimes, gamers just want to relax with some mind-numbing chaos.

Sunset Overdrive is poised to capture the essence of mind-numbing chaos with it’s vibrant art-style, fast-paced action, and its flat-out ridiculous gameplay.