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Nintendo showcases map size and gameplay of The Legend of Zelda (WiiU)

A vast map with incredible visuals to accomodate to a more modern style of gaming, Nintendo is trying their hardest to evolve the Zelda series in ways to keep the classic style, but ensure the game is fresh and has a new feel.

The new Zelda game has no official title other than The Legend of Zelda as of yet, but the amount of gameplay displayed how far into development Nintendo has gotten. The new world premier video shows off some incredible vistas, classic components of past games, and portrays how massive the world will feel.

Not only are the gameplay mechanics exciting to see begin to take shape, but the WiiU’s hardware is properly utilized as well with the mini-map displayed on the WiiU gamepad updating based on your in-game waypoints and location.

While its difficult to determine the exact scale of the map, it clearly is large enough that traveling itself becomes an adventure. At one point, the distance between a seemingly close waypoint and the developers’ location on the map is estimated to be up to five minutes.

The environment is also shown to be dynamic with trees dropping apples that Link can store and eat, and creatures, insects, and animals scattered across the lands to ensure that no traveling is found to be too dull.

On top of all the buzz generated from the Zelda game, Miyamoto also revealed that the new WiiU Star Fox game will also be coming soon — before Zelda’s release next year. On top of that, Nintendo has also slated Majora’s Mask for an even earlier release.

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma show off The Legend of Zelda (WiiU) in the video below: