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NHL 15 overhead gameplay trailer

With an NBC Sports style presentation and extremely fluid animations throughout, the new look at the gameplay of NHL 15 shows very good reason for it to be the 2014 E3 Critics Awards’ Best Sports Game.

Now with actual video incorporated into the opening of games, Doc Emrick and Eddie Olzyk not only commentate the plays well, but they also bring the opening of the game some much needed life.

This first full look at NHL 15‘s gameplay trailers shows some major improvements to the flow of action on the ice. Dekes are quick, but reasonable, physical play is more involved, and pucks bounce appropriately when dumped into the zone.

Though it’s difficult to judge the A.I. right now,  they do seem to maneuver a bit quicker to open areas.

One of the most notable changes that NHL fans will notice, is the new commentary. It shows a much greater amount of diversity and detail to the actions on the ice. In previous games the announcer would simply state who received the puck.

Now, we see Doc noting where players are, when plays are heading to high scoring zones, and how players are doing throughout the game.

The additions certainly bring a very next-gen feel to the gameplay. It is by far the most significant jump that the NHL series has undergone since the transition from generation two consoles to generation three.

NHL 15 and all the improvements are coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 September 9th. The game will also be releasing for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but will be stifled in regards to new features.

(A side note for some NHL fans who believe EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) and other game modes are not coming to the next-gen consoles — While it isn’t technically confirmed, all game modes from the previous NHL installment will almost certainly be included.
EA’s community manager on the official EA NHL forums stated that the company has been primarily focusing on the new features for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. They have not yet expressed any changes coming to the game modes, but will release more information next week.)