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New Triple-A IP from Take Two Interactive, ADVENT teasers revealed

After formally revealing “a soon-to-be announced new triple-A title” last week in Take Two Interactive’s fiscal year report, some new information regarding this new IP has been teased through a simple website with the short slogan “Building a brighter future together” greeting viewers.

The “hacked/corrupt” style of the website, ADVENT, certainly suggests a lot of what the game could be along with a small collection of concept art. With DNA splicing and gene therapy serving as the driving force of the site’s theme, it seems certain that this upcoming title will take place in the near future with a corrupt government police state as the setting.

"Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living." - 2K
“Luxury for the privileged few is outdated. This is the future of urban living.” – 2K

The “corrupt” text transforms to various warnings, most notably the “Millions have gone missing the ADVENT way” indicating people are being either being abducted, killed, or perhaps something even more intriguing by the government.

More details will soon be revealed, but gamers will be free to speculate on what exactly this new IP will be for the time being.

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