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New Look And Sound PS4 Available in West


A new redesigned PS4 has been released to stores in the west.

Just a month ago Sony announced a slight redesign to their current PS4 model. One that would give their console a slightly different finish while making it more energy effiecent by consuming 8 percent less power, give it mechanical buttons and have a 1TB storage system.


The model has been released in Japan since late June but has slowly been merging through Europe since its July 15 release there.

Two NeoGaf users MacDrive and OCD Guy were able to were able to make some of the first North American reviews via Dualshockers. Both had mutual thoughts on the new model being a slightly more quiet running PS4. OCD Guy commented:

” The replacement is similar to the Xbox One, infact at idle it’s actually quieter. Xbox one reads 49dB at idle, and the ps4 reads 45dB at idle. Bear in mind that the decibel reading is not scientific and I don’t actually care about the end figure as the actual sound reading is not from a calibrated device, I’m using a smart phone app, but all I’m concerned about is using it as a yardstick to measure the difference, so the ps4 I have now is 4dB quieter at idle. The advantage of the Xbox one is the fan noise seems to remain constant regardless of what you do, the psu fan is noisy though.

To put some perspective on my earlier unit, at idle it measured 56dB. Anyway back to the replacement ps4, I downloaded rocket league quickly as that ramped the earlier one up, and the ps4 remains quiet. I’m happy with this one.”

OCD Guy also went on to comment on his belief in the mechanical buttons are a step backwards as they had a “cheap” and “loose” feeling. Despite these negative comments, it’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t mind the old school method of button mechanics as I’m sure we’ve all accidentally turned off our console when attempting to eject a disc due to touch button mechanics.

Although there is no set date on a North American release stay tuned to PixelPine for any upcoming news regarding the new PS4 model.