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A Nazi-Zombie onslaught awaits in the Zombie Army Trilogy | Gameplay trailer released

Zombie Army was derived from the Sniper Elite games and first gained its popularity on PC back in 2013. Now the third-person-shooter’s developers at Rebellion Developments are bringing the terrifying apocalypse to consoles.

The game brings a rarely-seen mix of the zombie genre and the WWII genre — putting players in a Nazi Germany that has been riddled with a zombie infestation.

zombie army trilogy 2
Zombie Army takes the great mechanical base of Sniper Elite and overlays its own apocalyptic setting.

The trilogy includes three campaigns and a 2-4 player online co-op horde-mode with five coinciding maps.

The latest trailer shows off some of what fans can expect as it shows the Sniper Elite gameplay mechanics are still very present. Rifles are still the primary weapon of choice for players and bullets can cause visually-graphic and catastrophic damage to enemies.

The third-person cult shooter is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 6th.