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More Marvel Characters are Invading Mobile Games

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If it feels like comic book characters and superheroes are everywhere now, you are not wrong. It is almost impossible to check out upcoming movie releases or flip through your TV channels or Netflix offerings without seeing somebody in a cape, armor, or tight leather jumpsuit. But these characters are not just appearing on the big and small screens, because you can also find them on the really small screens—namely, mobile devices.

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, almost 70 percent of adults in the U.S. now own a smartphone, which is about double what it was just four years ago. And while these devices are used for a number of things, like checking social media updates and taking selfies, more and more people are utilizing them to play games. And what kind of games are they seeing? Those featuring comic book characters, of course.

Just like anything else, the popularity of different superheroes ebbs and flows. Batman was huge for a while, but not so much now, though that could definitely change again. The X-Men were all the rage not too long ago, too. Although they have some loyal fans, the Fantastic Four only seems to show brief glimpses of interest. But the group now capturing the most attention features some familiar folks along with a few that may be new to a lot of people. The Avengers are still as big as ever, and a seemingly endless string of upcoming movies will probably keep them at that status for a while. However, those aren’t the only Marvel characters that are making names for themselves.

While the Ben Affleck movie did little for his popularity, Daredevil has made a strong comeback thanks to a Netflix show that started earlier this year. Knowing a good thing when it sees it, the streaming service is also behind a new show starring yet another Marvel character, Jessica Jones, which has already generated a lot of buzz.

Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones have also, not surprisingly, made their way into mobile games. A recent article on Mashable discusses how these heroes will be integrated into two very popular mobile games: Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight, which combined are played by around 75 million people. Yes, you read that correctly: 75 million.

For those who love Marvel characters, there is definitely no shortage of games to play. And mobile games are not the only places you can find them. Online gaming site Betfair has a variety of titles featuring these superheroes. Marvel Roulette lets you spin the wheel with help from Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain American, to name a few. There are also several slots games starring the X-Men, Hulk, and even everyone’s favorite vampire superhero, Blade. And if you can’t get enough of Daredevil, you can find him there too.

If you’re a Marvel fan and love seeing the characters everywhere, this is definitely your time to embrace and enjoy everything related to the comic book giant. If you’re a little tired of Marvel and want to see something new, just wait a bit, because something new will surely be around the corner soon.