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Minecraft official live player count released | Confirmed most popular game in the world

While the popularity of Minecraft is certainly not something to underestimate, even the developers of the sand-box game were astonished to see the numbers triumphing every other game right now.

Longtime developer, Nathan Adams (@Dinnerbone) expressed his own astonishment on twitter earlier as the team working on the game was able to get their first look at just how many players play.

Even at a typically very low player-density timeframe there are over one million players at one time. The number exceeds that of every game on the incredibly popular PC gaming platform by Valve — Steam.

Some also suggest that Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is much more popular as well, but it seems that isn’t true as Dinnerbone pointed out the divide between a solo experience and the online one is split about 50-50.

The news may be surprising to many, but Microsoft is standing very confidently with the expansive multi-demographic attracting IP in their hands after their recent $2 billion acquisition of the game’s developer, Mojang.