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Microsoft looking to add keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One

Phil Spencer confirmed on twitter recently that Microsoft will be adding keyboard and mouse support in the near future, but the extent of its implementation is yet to be known. While it would make sense for more games to take advantage of keyboard and mouse support — especially given its advantages for certain game genres like FPS’s and strategy games — there are a variety of other ways that the inclusion of this support could benefit the overall experience of the console.

The keyboard app currently works on the Xbox One — but only for the limited instances where it would be needed for text like messages, entering information in games, and using the web browser.

The immediate confirmation that mouse support is being included likely means it’ll make a more intuitive web browsing experience. However for those expecting the keyboard and mouse integration to be extraordinarily significant they’ll be disappointed. The Xbox One’s predecessor, the Xbox 360, also had keyboard and mouse support but few games implemented it as doing so could present unfair advantages for certain users.

While it’s certain that Microsoft will putting the keyboard and mouse to much greater use on the Xbox One the way it is used will likely be heavily within the console’s apps rather than its games.