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The Master Chief Collection — Gravemind gameplay

The work put forth Blur seems to always be incredible, and the opening to this level of Halo 2: Anniversary, and the rest of the game as a whole may be their best.

The visual effects and animation company have done a remarkable job in the re-imagining of gravemind and their ability to match the same spirit and style in which Halo 2’s original CGI scenes were built.

The CGI is one thing to admire, but the gameplay itself looks just as good.The upgrades in nearly everything is awesome, but it still has the same basis for design that Halo 2 originally had.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary edition, and its recreation of the slightly older Halo 1 game, were able to tinker a bit more with the exact looks of things to match the contemporary style that games have now.

Halo 2: Anniversary edition looks better relative to the rest of the games in the Master Chief Collection, but Halo: Combat Evolved shows a jump that is just as significant relative to the original game.