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Little Big Planet 3 giving players full creative control | Adds 3D movement

Little Big Planet 3 brings more creative options for players.
Little Big Planet 3 brings more creative options for players.

Little Big Planet has always encouraged a creative approach to gameplay, and Little Big Planet 3 shows the desire to enhance the core idea driving the game.

With customizable worlds comes an immense amount of potential mini-games — whether it is in the traditional Little Big Planet style or something entirely different. The trailer shows that the ability to approach level creation very freely.

But beyond the levels itself, the characters within it shows possibilities for a great amount of cutomization and personalization. With four player multiplayer available, the classic Sackboy character is available to use, but additional characters and customizable heros are able to star in the custom worlds as well.

There are three new main characters and each has different traits and characterisitics that alter the way you might approach a level or a puzzle.

  • Oddsock – The canine-esque sock is quick and nimble, and can quickly squeeze through small gaps. Oddsock’s most distinct trait is his ability to jump off walls.
  • Swoop – His name very fitting —  Swoop is small bird that can quickly fly through the levels at great speeds while also grabbing small objects with her talons
  • Big Toggle – Big Toggle can morph from small to large and is capable  of  weighing  down  platforms  and  moving  heavy  objects.

Little Big Planet 3 is coming exclusively to Playstation 4 this November.