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The Legend of Zelda TV series being developed for Netflix

Reported by The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is allegedly bringing The Legend of Zelda franchise to its video-streaming platform as a new original program.

Development is still in its early stages, but the series will be a live-action following of the classic story with Link setting out to rescue Princess Zelda in the world of Hyrule.

Now the immensely popular fantasy universe is coming back in a new way posing as a family friendly “Game of Thrones” with a lighter theme and tone.

Nintendo granting this IP to be adapted into a TV series is a rare opportunity for the producers as Nintendo rarely takes the initiative to translate their videogame success to other mediums.

Though it wasn’t well-received at the time, The Legend of Zelda made its true first appearance as an animated television series back in the late ’80s. The show aired only 13 episodes over a three month span in 1989 and was quickly terminated.

Later, in the early ’90s, a Super Mario Bros movie was released to (deservedly) harsh criticism.

No writers have signed-on to work on the series as of yet, but the ground-work is being laid for the classic adventure game to make a successful television run in the near future.