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Killer Instinct season 3 and Rash from Battletoads

Microsoft had a few things to talk about their Xbox One and soon to be Windows 10 exclusive, Killer Instinct, during the Xbox Gamescom 2015 briefing.

First was the fact that Killer Instinct Season 3 will start in March 2016 with Xbox One and Windows 10 cross-platform play. All controllers and fight/arcade sticks that work on the Xbox One will also be compatible with Windows 10.

Rash in Battletoads & Double Dragon (NES)
Rash in Battletoads & Double Dragon (NES)

However the last but most surprising information was Rash, from Rare’s Battletoads seires, was stated to be a new playable character starting today.

It seems that Microsoft’s constant flow of new content to support the game and the very passionate community that Killer Instinct has is benefitting them greatly. And with the appearance of Rash in Killer Instinct, is there a possibility of other Rare characters like Banjo-Kazooie or Conker entering the fight? Surely more cross-overs from other Rare titles would be well appreciated, especially from long time fans of Rare.