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Hacker group takes credit for current Xbox Live disruptions

While the Microsoft servers have been inconsistent over the last few months, it seems that this current outage is not due to any technical gaffes on Microsoft’s part.

Currently all services including online multiplayer, social services, and the store are down.

The hacker group which shall not be named in this post, has impacted services before with the Playstation Network being taken down and the Sony president being threatened by a bomb scare.

As of 8:30 p.m. a short tweet stating “Xbox Live #Offline” is stickied on their twitter — their current medium used to update the public on all their attacks and general passive-aggressive threats towards a variety of major games.

Microsoft has not issued any statement regarding their state of resolving the disruption.

Update (11:58 p.m.): While there is still no official word from Microsoft, it appears that some services have returned in a limited state.

The hacker group has also threatened more attacks come Christmas day. The group has conveyed that they will be targeting more than just Microsoft.

10 thoughts on “Hacker group takes credit for current Xbox Live disruptions

  1. F**king lame-ass hackers! Someone needs to tell these Lizard Squad assclowns to get a life. Put DOWN the keyboard, crawl OUT of your parents basements, and maybe….JUST MAYBE… losers might get laid. Now STOP f**king with our XBOX LIVE!!!

  2. Well the people who are good at it make 150 thousand plus a year. What have you done? Lol

  3. Shall not be named? Are you pussies scared to get hacked too?!

  4. Well Microsoft needs to add better firewalls and needs a dedicated person watching the pings on the server this will solve the problem 100% but it will allow more swiftness on detecting whom is in the server and from there you call the FBI to trace down the pings of the users IP address then all game consoles problems will momentarily be offline instead for hours at a time.

  5. I don’t want to promote the group or generate any publicity for the attackers. They don’t deserve the attention.

  6. What kind of bullshit position is that? Either report the news or go home. Why the hell would anyone ever read anything on your site with a ridiculous attitude like that? I think TwoFirstNames was correct, i.e. you’re just being a coward.

  7. Fair enough. THAT I can support. But some people likely came here specifically for that. Who knows, maybe others are trying to get info to bring down this group

  8. No, the people who are good at DDoSing are scumbag children who definitely need to grow up. Sure, they orchestrate it well, but it doesn’t take that much effort to flood a server with requests for information. Come of it.

  9. Actually I’m a web-developer and I run my own company making way more than $150K. LMAO

  10. […] Although both companies have acknowledged the vast complaints and problems that have been reported, neither company has verified the culprit behind the attack. This may be that they are still unsure (not likely) or that they do not wish to concede that they have suffered another cyber attack. Xbox Live was supposedly taken down earlier this month by the same hacker group using denial-of-serv… […]

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