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GTA V on next-gen; Worth it to buy again?

Grant Theft Auto V is just the beginning of Rockstar North's next-gen presence.
Grant Theft Auto V is just the beginning of Rockstar North’s next-gen presence.

GTA V has been out for eight months now, and free updates for the online play have rolled out consistently for the fastest selling entertainment product in history. One might think that with how many people that already own GTA they may struggle for their upcoming next-gen console release in September 2014. That could not be further from the truth.

Grand Theft Auto V is just the beginning for Rockstar’s involvement in next-gen games. In an interview with CVG almost a full year ago, Rockstar President, Leslie Benziez, said “We’re just going to add on new things to it, new places all the time.”

The most notable aspect of that statement is “new places”. Rockstar has created an incredible world to start from. There are animations, characters, and scenery that are so fluently well done, yet hardly used. There are ideas that can be heavily explored with GTA’s engine powering the way.

GTA V’s release on next-gen is just the beginning. With greater processing power to improve an already beautiful game, and much greater hard drive space to play with on PS4 and Xbox One, the window for massive add-ons to enhance the GTA world is open.

Will we see an updated Liberty City or Vice City again? Or maybe something entirely new?

The future for Rockstar’s next-gen invasion is very bright.