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GTA V heists are here for select gamers

It only took two years and a few months, but Rockstar has finally — finally — begun the release of the long-desired gamemode — heists — to GTA V on all platforms.

Online heists will incorporate the same complex style the singleplayer missions have with players organizing in a team to pull off dramatic and high-profit objectives. Online heists have groups of four working together to determine an attack-plan, escape route, and how they’d like to split the pot after completing the mission.

The update was is due to release to everyone on March 10th, but Rockstar has elected to roll the new game mode out more gradually with certain players getting a chance to play the heists today. If you’re one of the lucky few you’ll receive a prompt to update GTA V as soon as you start the game up. If not, you’ll have to wait a few more days.

The update is 1.2 GB on old platforms (Xbox 360/PS3) and 4.8 GB on new platforms (Xbox One/PS4).