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Get ready for the Halo 5 beta; Coming early to Xbox One preview members

Despite the dismal launch of the Master Chief Collection (albeit it has certainly improved since release), Xbox One fans, and specifically Halo fans should find some greater redemption in their purchase with a Halo 5 beta early access starting this weekend for the Xbox One preview members.

343 Industries has had a tough go as of late, but showcasing the progress of Halo 5 is certain to get some greater support from fans. Halo 5 is due to bring a more arena-style feel to the game as it did with the earlier titles, and is shown to have a more similar experience to that of Halo 2 in regards to leveling and ranking.

Some new gameplay tweaks like the hindered sprinting ability, and the change to an “aim-down-the-sights” mechanic for every gun should give Halo 5 a very unique twist while also maintaining the core Halo gameplay elements.

Along with some new guns, abilities, and different maps, Halo 5’s first semi-public showing should have quite a bit to see.

For anyone with the Master Chief Collection, the early-access will be open from December 19th to December 21st. The public Halo 5 beta will start on December 29th and end on January 18th for everyone else.

Check back on Saturday at 10 p.m. on my stream to see my first experience of the beta!