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Far Cry 4 – Welcome to Kyrat Part 2 | Ubisoft explores a diversity of environments and personalities in new trailer

The world of Kyrat looks to bring one of the most diverse selections of environments ever available to a Far Cry game.

But it’s not just the incredible vistas and landscapes to admire as you travel through Kyrat, the game promises a story line just as riveting as the last Far Cry.

The style of the game clearly draws from the success of Far Cry 4, with a similar plot line, more interactive wildlife, and deep characters.

The pink-suited and well kempt man that has been showcased throughout almost all of the trailers released so far, Pagan Min, behaves and acts in a fashion that resembles the striking image of Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft has emphasized their ability to develop complex personalities that players encounter throughout their games and this trailer shows even more insanity and depth for what will likely be crucial characters within the story.