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Fable Legends beta sign ups available now

Fable Legends' beta begins next week.
Fable Legends’ beta begins next week.

Fable Legends is looking to rejuvenate the franchise as it incorporates for the first time, four player co-op, and those who want an early look will soon get it.

After struggling for roughly eight years to return to the greatness that the first two Fable games invoked, Lionhead Studios is hoping that the Unreal Engine-powered Fable Legends will get fans excited once again.

If you signed up for the beta sign-up notification back at E3, you’ve likely just received the news that registration for the beta is open now, and anyone who wants in on the action can head on over to the Fable Legends site to enter your email and other details.

The beta starts next week (October 16th) exclusively on the Xbox One.