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Ep. 8 – Who is the best character in gaming?

We apologize to our listeners for the delay between episodes! Antonio is getting married soon! He also moved twice this month, as did Imran and Matt. Soon our apartments will be full and our recordings less echo-y.

Thank you for your patience pod-people, we are committed to bringing you action packed quality episodes- party on!

In this much anticipated episode Antonio, Chris and Imran discuss the *greatest character in gaming* and comment on online lists and listener write-ins. What makes a video-game character great anyway? Who will be crowned victor?

We also took a look at choice and morality systems in games past and present. Did *Mass Effect 3* really only have one ending? Do we enjoy the karma system in *Fallout*? Who hasn’t finished Telltale’s *The Walking Dead – Season 1* …seriously….