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EASHL returns in NHL 16; more information released

After going into its release with great expectations, NHL 15 struggled to deliver on what many expected of the 2014 Best Sports Game winner (E3 Critic Awards). The game failed to give players the full selection of game modes that had been a crucial aspect of the franchise for the previous seven years. Now, EA Sports is coming back with a new focus in NHL 16 as they look to build a great game around the fantastic gameplay that’s already in place.

The most notable game mode to return is the beloved EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) and its 6v6 gameplay offering players the opportunity to create their own character and take him or her online as a part of a club. While EASHL and the other game modes were incorporated into previous generation versions of NHL 15, the new generation was left with little variety in the ways players could play. This year of NHL looks to offer everything that should have been there since the last NHL release.

Outside of the online team focused mode, the Be A GM mode that is apparent in all EA Sports games in some fashion is also getting some fine-tuning a minor additions. A new “Player Morale” aspect is being incorporated giving each player on a team a designated personality that needs to appropriately meshed with the team as a whole. GMs can now call team meetings or adjust the roster to ensure that player performance is at the highest level it can be.

Another major drawback to NHL 15 was the extremely toned down Be A Pro mode. Now major features are again returning like a progression from CHL to NHL, and the ability to sim to your next shift rather than wait on the bench.

Gameplay wise NHL 16 will add improved skating techniques for “refined movements with your skater” and seamless puck pickups create quicker and more fluid animations “giving you more time and control to make your next move.”

And how about some more dynamic beard growth?! NHL 16 will add accurate representations of beard patterns, length, thickness, and growth rates for individual players.

NHL 16 is expected to release in early-to-mid September only on Xbox One and PS4 as the development team drops support for the old generation.

For a full list of new features check out EA Sports’s official release.