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EA Sports reveals content release plan for NHL 15

NHL 15 Online Team-Play to return in a planned October update.
NHL 15 Online Team-Play to return in a planned October update.

After having a hefty backlash from the lack of game modes that will be included in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of NHL 15, EA Sports now has a plan of action to bring some key features and game modes back in two monthly updates.

While most all the features being added in the next few months for NHL 15 have been in previous games, there will be two new components to the series as well — “Playoff Mode” and “GM Draft.” (Some small improvements will also be coming to Hockey Ultimate Team.)

Playoff Mode, due to come in the September update, will allow for custom tournaments with up to 16 teams from any league in game. While this mode seems perfect for online play, it will only be available offline. Minor layout changes and new animations will also be coming to the Hockey Ultimate Team U.I. in the September Update.

Coming in the October update, GM Draft adds some more immersion to the NHL draft experience. General Managers will be able to trade players while the draft is occuring and will have the pressure of a time-limit to get their picks in in-time. The mode will likely resemble that of Madden’s drafting gameplay.

Returning Features

(September Update)

  • Coach Feedback – Coaches will once again give players insight on their play in Be A Pro.
  • 3 Stars – It seems like a given that this would have been included in the initial release, but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks before you’ll be able to see the three stars after each game.

(October Update)

  • Online Team Play – This was a massive omission for fans of the popular EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL), but don’t expect it to be the same as it has been in the past. Gamers will be able to play on the ice with up to nine others as they each control one individual player, but the ability to play as their own custom character is still not incorporated.Among the other handicaps to the mode
    – Goalie mode will not be included. (5 v 5 only available)
    – Lobbies are not yet available. Random matches will be the only way to play this mode.

EA is clearly responding to the backlash, but it’s unclear whether these efforts will be enough to appease their fans.