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Cyanide releases Styx: Master of Shadows October 7th/8th | Launch trailer

Experience a medieval setting as a goblin set as the main character of a stealth focused game sounds like it could be great, put it all together as a stealth game for just $29.99 and Styx: Master of Shadows is looking fantastic already.

The initial gameplay looks solid and the world seems fun as well, but a stealth game is tricky to execute well, and more detailed looks at the full gameplay will be needed for a solid verdict to be reached.

The game looks to balance a serious overall experience with some comedic undertones. How the developers at Cyanide balance their open-world adventure game will ultimately determine the reception they get from the gaming community.

Styx: Master of Shadows ($29.99) releases October 7th for the PS4 (US) and PC and October 8th for PS4 (EU) and the Xbox One.