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Current WiiU exclusive, ZombiU to expand to other platforms

After their latest E3 2015 conference underwhlemed some fans, Nintendo will now be losing their exclusivity with one of their third party titles, ZombiU, which looks to be expanding to other platforms soon.

The first-person shooter looked to take advantage of a lot of the unique features that the WiiU offered centering around their dual screen experience with the game pad. While it received mixed ratings from critics ZombiU will likely be revamped for its (unofficially announced) release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The developer of ZombiU, Ubisoft, has not confirmed or denied anything pertaining to the recent reveal of the game on a Australian Classification Board under the name “Zombi” — presumably dropping the U synonymous with the WiiU.

Though it seems to make sense for the game to be ported to other platforms due to Nintendo’s struggles as of late, it is possible that this next release could be entirely different from the 2012 Nintendo release.

Ubisoft’s first ever publication came was dubbed Zombi when it released back in 1986. It is possible that Classification Board’s reveal hints at a game related to that original game.

More info will presumably be officially unveiled soon to clarify exactly what this game is, and how it relates to the ZombiU game if at all.