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The crowd comes to life in the new NHL 15 gameplay trailer

NHL 15's new AI promises a greater diversity to offensive play.
NHL 15’s new AI promises a greater diversity to offensive play.

The atmosphere of a hockey game is realized in EA Sports’ most recent iteration of the NHL series.

NHL 15 presents one of the most incredibly immersive sports games ever released. The authentic arenas display oustanding authenticity and the active crowds that include super-fans, taunting opposing crowds, and a great variety of distinct animations, make the feeling of a digital hockey game grow beyond that of arcade hockey.

Beyond the improved atmosphere of the arenas, the gameplay is looking sharp and the visuals look spectacular.

Check out EA Sports’ latest Gamescom trailer below –

NHL 15 will be releasing on Xbox One and Playstation 4 September 9th, this year. It will also be releasing on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but not quite at the same level of visual presentation.

Get an early look at the gameplay as EA will be releasing a demo August 26th.