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Cliff Bleszinski’s Project Bluestreak evolves with The Shattering

It was originally dubbed Project Bluestreak when the polarizing video game designer and director, Cliff Bleszinski revealed he would be re-entering the world of game development. Now Project Bluestreak gets one step closer to a real name with the latest teaser trailer.

Bleszinski and his team at the recently formed Boss Key game studio are revealing more and more chunks regarding exactly what this game will be. The official website also displays a countdown leading up to a greater reveal.

The first concept art for what was dubbed "Project Bluestreak."
The first concept art for what was dubbed “Project Bluestreak.”

The sci-fi FPS is still being worked out, but Bleszinski has confirmed that there will be no presence of zombies, aliens, or “lizard men” on his twitter. From previous concept art it will include a post-apocalyptic setting, but Bleszinski has reiterated many times that he’d like to diverge quite a bit from the previous title he directed — the popular Xbox exclusive Gears of War.

While Boss Key will be developing the game, Nexon is serving as the publisher — the same publisher of Maplestory, a 2D MMO. The game will be free to play, but Boss Key is determined to not incorporate “pay to win” incentives in the game.

More information will be revealed Wednesday at 12 pm (EST) on the official website —

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