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Capcom’s KITCHEN Morpheus project sheds light on a genre seldom considered with VR

With the dawn of the VR age coming just a few years after the release of the new generation consoles just beginning to come to fruition the majority of the games showcased at the likes of E3, gamescom, and other gaming conventions or major gaming-related events has seemed to focus on some niche games along with some creative ways to play games designed for the traditional TV experience.

Now, as the ball starts rolling with virtual reality amid the major announcements pertaining to Oculus RIft, Morpheus, and SteamVR, Capcom is creating their own venture into a genre that has seemingly been omitted from the major VR spotlight — horror.

During E3 2015 the Japanese publisher/developer showed off a game — or more accurately, a tech demo currently known as “KITCHEN,” that is designed to showcase just how immersive a VR headset experience is. At the recent E3 convention the demo was made available, albeit access to it was restricted to the general public.

The experience is designed to be as atmospheric as possible to bring “an unprecedented level of sensory immersion.”

To envelope a player to this extreme of a level Capcom makes use of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 VR headset, Morpheus,  DTS Headphone: X to give players a great sense of surround sound, and a new unnamed game engine. These tools combined with the 1080p, 60fps output (capable of being upped to the Morpheus’ 120 frames per second output) make the play-through feel as life like as any game possibly can.

While KITCHEN isn’t exactly a new IP to expect from Capcom, it is something that heavily hits at what they’re considering and implementing in more titles we’ll see in the future when Morpheus releases on
PS4 and other VR headsets come to their respective consoles.

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