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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Supply Drops” Available April 7 on PS4

If you’ve taken the road less traveled when purchasing your next-gen console and chose to take the Xbox One route, then this shouldn’t raise any eyebrows as you’ve had this luxury for over a month now. But if you’re like me and simply enjoy a gaming console over a home-family entertainment system (someone had to say it), then let your eyebrow rise.

Starting April 7th, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have purchasable supply drops available in the in-game store. Each supply drop will contain three items designed to improve your armory and give additional customization to your operator.

If you don’t like the items you receive, each individual one can be cashed in for XP. Prices will be $1.99 for a single supply drop or $5.99 for three. You can choose to buy a package of 5 for $9.99 that also includes one free additional drop or if you plan on being a big spender, there are options for you. For $19.99 you can purchase 10 drops with 3 bonus ones added (13 total) or for $39.99 you can have 20 supply drops with eight added bonus ones (28 total).


There is some controversy over having purchasable supply drops. The first being fairness. Before supply drops were purchasable there was already the argument that they create an unfair advantage for those lucky enough to receive boosted armory in them. Now that they are purchasable the idea of “Pay to Win” starts to take a stronger role.

But let’s be honest here, does Sledgehammer Games and Activision care? Probably not, I’m sure they’re fine with the money that will be flowing in from the PS4 crowd.

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