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Bungie expands their audience with Destiny’s Beta

The Destiny beta gives fans an exciting experience to enjoy while also marketing others.
The Destiny beta gives fans an exciting experience to enjoy while also marketing others.

Bungie’s Destiny went live on all platforms Tuesday and is currently giving those who have managed to snag a beta code a feel for the game and what to expect from their full release, September 9th, this year.

If you’ve pre-ordered the game and have gotten your hands on one of the digital-only beta download codes, you’ve likely found yourself sharing the codes with friends to join you in the action.

As the Destiny Beta gets into full swing for all platforms, there is a clear scramble for beta codes and general information regarding the game. While the beta is great for fans who already were planning on buying the game and had it pre-ordered, Bungie’s decision to give three beta codes to each person who pre-orders has created a massive opportunity for them to reach gamers that would have otherwise overlooked the game.

This is Bungie’s first game since the end of their Halo trilogy and with over $500 million invested in the new IP they can not afford to have the game be anything but a massive hit. While their marketing team has done a great deal in standard advertising, the Alpha and Beta versions of their new game helps Bungie peak the interest of all those who were on the brink trying to determine whether Destiny is really worth their money.

So far, the beta has had a limited number of connectivity problems but for most players the beta has run relatively smooth. The beta has been a success so far.

With the Xbox One and Playstation 4 both incorporating Twitch streaming now as well, even more gamers can share their adventures in Destiny. Combining the new-generation consoles’ sharing features with a smooth connection and an already massive interest in the title, makes an easy job for Destiny’s marketing team.

Destiny is taking full advantage of all the latest tech to give them a marketing edge. Don’t be surprised when Bungie’s new IP surpasses the popularity of even their former $50 million Halo franchise. (Though we may need to give them a few years before we see them overtake it.)

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