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Halo 2’s Bloodline – the recreation of Coagulation and Bloodgulch

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Some new screenshots and a closer look at one of the most popular maps within the entire Halo series, Bloodline.

Bloodgulch was without question the most inconic multiplayer map of Halo 1, and Coagulation (Bloodgulch’s successor) was arguably the most popular of Halo 2. Now we get to see the beloved map remastered again in the Master Chief Collection under the title “Bloodline.”

The classic dual base setup promotes a very balanced game that promotes all game types, and almost all party sizes.

Halo fans new and old can expect to see all versions of this map (Halo 1’s Bloodgulch, Halo 2’s Coagulation, Halo 3’s Valhalla, and Halo 4’s Ragnarok) very frequently upon the exclusive Xbox One release of the Master Chief Collection on November 18th.