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Bloodborne enhances the style of Dark Souls | New gameplay trailer

From the sound of it, Sony is shifting all gears to Playstation 4 and Bloodborne looks to be an excellent addition as the console grows this generation.

With a dark and ancient setting, an incredible game director in Hidetaka Miyazaki, and incredible array of creatures to massacre, Bloodborne shows a massive amount of potential.

An intensely-challenging RPG in a complex open-world may sound very familiar — as it should. Developed by the same company who’s created Demon Souls and Dark Souls, Bloodborne shares many similar gameplay elements and an extremely similar art style.

The trailer resembles so much of Dark Souls and Demon Souls it is reasonable to question if any in-game relation will occur between the two games. Though the specific details of the story have not been revealed as of yet.

The Playstation 4 exclusive will be launched worldwide in 2015.