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Ep. 42 How To Win A Battlefield Game

Paul and Matt team up to bash Chris about the legitimacy of his trophy counts. We talk about the different play styles between COD, Battlefield and other shooters. We converse about on which cities should Rockstar include in GTA Online. We also discuss on how Sean Murray Should have handled the No man’s sky post release situation.

In other News, Matt is still dying.




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Ep. 41 Is Nintendo Switch The Vita We Always Wanted ?

On this episode Matt and Chris rub their faces on Brian and Imran because they won the bet whether The last guardian is releasing in 2016 or not. Chris points out that the Switch has the

same promised features of the Vita when Sony first introduced the handheld and Matt is apparently dying from a cold.





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Ep. 39 – Does No Man’s Sky live up to the hype? [Chris DiFranco returns!]

Brian, Chris, Matt, and special guest Chris DiFranco discuss No Man’s Sky current status in gaming and whether or not it lives up to the hype. Listen to DiFranco’s excitement for Overwatch as well and Brian and Matt’s updates on Rare’s Yooka Laylee!

Enjoy the chaos of this week’s episode! Banana on!


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Ep. 38 – F*** Cortana

Pokemon Go is on the verge of death, but Brian is having fun giving them stupid nicknames. The Nintendo is allegdly bringing back some old school features for their next console and a copy of No Man’s Sky was sold for $2000. The co-hosts discuss their thoughts.


Brian hates Cortana and wants her murdered. A reward will be available for her head.
Chris thinks Brian can serve sexual favors to people under the bridges in New York.

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Ep. 37 – How long will Pokemon Go last?

Pokemon Go has take the world by storm and everyone and their mother is roaming the streets right now trying to catch em all.

The PA Podcast co-hosts discuss how long Pokemon Go can stay this much in the spotlight and if perhaps any more games can emulate a similar style of Pokemon Go in the future.

Also, Brian gets mad because Matt hasn’t downloaded Pokemon Go. Yet.


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Ep. 36 – 2016 GoTY So Far w/ Roughdawg4

Where are we at with this year in gaming so far? The Platinum Achievement crew join the always fantastic, special-guest Roughdawg4 to discuss the best games of the year so far.

Listen to Brian, Matt, Chris, and Roughdawg’s top 5 favorite games at the midway point of the year and their most anticipated games of the rest of the year.


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God Of War 4 To Delve Into Norse Mythology


The God of War series, now one of the most successful PlayStation exclusives, has long delighted its fans with an exciting and highly dramatized take on Greek mythology. Dealing primarily with the Spartan warrior Kratos and a collection of Greek gods (most notably Ares, the god of war for whom the series is named), the games have always thrived on action-packed gameplay and cutting edge graphics. And God Of War 4, which was revealed at E3, looks to be more of the same in these regards.

The big difference this time around, as noted by Parent Herald’s write-up on the forthcoming release, is that Kratos will now be dumped into Norse mythology. This is a sharp change in direction for a franchise that up to this point has been all about traditional Olympian characters, and makes sense to give the game a new look. However, it may also not be so surprising given that a few other games have made a habit of blending mythologies and providing players with fun selections of gods and god-like figures.

Gameloft’s Gods Of Rome, a highly rated fighter game for mobile devices, has perhaps been the most blatant in mashing different mythologies together. While it advertises itself largely as a game about Olympian gods, there are always new characters and warriors being added, and settings range from Mt. Olympus itself to a gorgeous Chinese temple. There’s not much of a sense of cohesion between all these characters and settings, but it’s interesting to see how naturally you can jump between different myths without feeling jarred or confused. They all play on our imagination similarly.

Online, the diverse library of gaming content at Gala’s bingo platform takes a similar approach to mythology to what we see in Gods Of Rome. While the site is known primarily for its bingo gaming options there are plenty of slot and arcade options that provide different types of gaming, and most of them are built around recognizable characters, settings, or general fictional concepts. Among them, titles range from Nordic Heroes to Rise Of Anubis to Zeus III and Legend of Triton, incorporating Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythology.

A couple of other apps and games demonstrate similar approaches, and now that we know the new direction God Of War is moving in it seems fair to wonder if this is only the beginning. It’s a little bit hard to imagine the transition that will land Kratos among Norse mythological figures, but if God Of War 4 works smoothly and proves as popular as its predecessors it’s easy to imagine the developers making it a trend. It could be that as some other games have explored blending mythologies, the God Of War series could begin to progress through different histories in much the same way so that many other popular console franchises could also leap through various times and settings.

If this is the way things are going, God Of War may have a more interesting future than anyone would have guessed before the new game was revealed.

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BioShock Collection Announced for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

BioShock is back. After a three-year hiatus since the release of BioShock Infinite on the Xbox 360 and PS3, the dark mysteries of Rapture and Columbia return in a single package.

BioShock grew to immense popularity quickly with an incredible narrative and story telling. BioShock Infinite set the bar even higher in 2013 with what one of the best endings to a trilogy in gaming history.

This three-game collection offers all DLC, add-on content, and also includes bonus Director’s commentary to take gamers through the eyes of the development team as they created the worlds.

Many gamers were teased on the idea of the collection before and even during E3, and though 2k Games waited just a bit longer than most expected the game is finally confirmed.

Check out the trailer below for the official announcement:

The BioShock Collection is slated to release September 13 in North America and September 15 world-wide.

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Ep. 35 – E3 2016 Recap: What’s Good and What’s Bad?

Imran, Brian, and Chris compare their predictions to the real news in this recap of the best and worst of E3 2016.

This special 3 hour episode puts the spotlight on each of our favorite upcoming games and our breakdown of the winners and losers at E3.

SPOILER ALERT: Nintendo… please do something.