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Batman Arkham Knight details and screenshots

Batman Arkham Knight looks stunning on the new generation of consoles.
Batman Arkham Knight looks stunning on the new generation of consoles.

Tailor made for the new-generation platforms, Batman Arkham Knight looks beautiful in 60fps, 1080p. Rocksteady Studios’ recently released screenshots of the final installment in the Batman series showcases the improved visuals on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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The new Batmobile has been re-envisioned in Arkham Knight and is said to sit at the heart of the game itself. Players will be given free access to drive the vehicle wherever they so choose., but more than that, players will be able to engage in battles with villains as they chase them down through the street and use “high-tech gadgetry” to take them down.





Rocksteady studios promises enhancements to their signature “free-flow combat” as well as a greater array of gadgets will be available to Batman this time around. The developer will also be giving players the ability to utilize gadgets while gliding through the air. This addition promises a greater fluidity to combat with Batarangs and the grapnel gun being just some of the gadgets players will be able to take advantage of mid-glide.



The streets will be lively with high-profile criminal masterminds awaiting Batman in side missions scattered throughout Gotham. Players will be able to decide themselves whether they want to focus on the core narrative, or diverge from the story and take down individual criminals.






The new additions promise a true new-generation feel and with the entire city to explore, an incredible mode of transportation, and a more than suitable selection of gadgets and technology to embrace, Batman: Arkham Knight will surely be an exciting conslusion to Rocksteady’s trilogy as it releases later next year.