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Ep. 33 – Has Brian Gone Crazy?

In this episode Brian talks nonsense about removing fast travel and sprinting from games while Chris festers his hatred for these ideas and Imran tries to find logic in these ideas.

Has Brian finally fallen so deep in loving trump that he finally went bananas ? Will we ever get Matt back on the show?

The PA Podcast finally talks about some video game news again!

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Ep. 32 – Is Virtual Reality just for Gaming?

The co-hosts (sans one Matt) discuss where virtual reality fits within the world beyond gaming along with more mindless rambling of life.

Brian brings along his friend Dany who has extensive experience programming in VR for educational programs.

Chris shares some stuff of his life while everyone enjoys our own chaotic confusion.

Banana on!

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Ep.31 – Pa Podcast finally talks about Trophies ?

What has made achievement hunting so popular? Why do we hunt trophies? Is it the love of the grind or the love the sense of accomplishment? Is it worth the time to put up with hours of grinding just to get a single trophy? Chris, Brian, Matt, and Imran talk about all this and more in this week’s episode.

Brian and Chris also a bit about their future roles in their marriage while Matt is there spewing out nonsense again. Imran leaves us early </3.

Note: The first hour of the show is recorded at a lower quality due to a technical difficulty. Sorry

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Ep. 30 – Will you jump into PSVR at launch?

Playstation VR is available to pre-order! Do you think the price is right? Will the launch titles satisfy people enough to sell the devise? or are you going to ‘wait and see’ if VR is just a fading gimmick?

Is cross-console play between Playstation and Xbox on the horizon? Is the console war over? Do you put ketchup on your hotdog? All these questions and more!

Welcome to the party!


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Ep. 29 – Will we ever get an open world Pokemon MMO?

*Pokemon Sun* and *Pokemon Moon* will be the next main entry in the series hitting the 3DS…but where is our Pokemon MMO?

Is it even possible to catch em’ all anymore? Matt and Chris battle over a few ideas, Antonio weeps for the future, Brian is late and Imran needs to talk more.

Welcome Back *Pokemon* Master Trainers!

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Ep. 28 – How many times can Brian replay Firewatch?

Imran brings his friend A.J. Van-Rixtel — a fancy author, and super fan of the show — on with Brian and Chris. and he shares a bit about his recently released book while Chris questions how much sexual content is in it. So yeah, a standard show.

The crew also talks a bit about Streetfighter V and much more in this week’s episode.

Banana on!


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Ep. 26 — Will indie devs keep stepping up their game in 2016?

EP26 YouTube Thumbnail

This week the crew shares their impressions after *The Division* beta weekend. We discuss the steady stream of excellent indie games hitting consoles recently including *The Witness* an amazing 3D puzzle game created by *Jonathan Blow* and look forward to the rest of the year.

Also, we bring you an all new segment of ‘Weird Video-Game Plots with Brian’ featuring Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, and finally, we explain to Chris where babies come from…

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Ep24 2016 Preview – Will we see the Last Guardian and Nintendo NX in 2016?

In this week’s action-packed episode we lament our loss of culture and then quickly rebound in joy as Netflix expands globally giving Chris the goods.

We read listener’s most anticipated games of 2016 including Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 15.

Finally, Antonio and Matt bet cash money over if The Last Guardian and Nintendo NX show up in 2016! Happy New Year!