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New Look And Sound PS4 Available in West


A new redesigned PS4 has been released to stores in the west.

Just a month ago Sony announced a slight redesign to their current PS4 model. One that would give their console a slightly different finish while making it more energy effiecent by consuming 8 percent less power, give it mechanical buttons and have a 1TB storage system.


The model has been released in Japan since late June but has slowly been merging through Europe since its July 15 release there.

Two NeoGaf users MacDrive and OCD Guy were able to were able to make some of the first North American reviews via Dualshockers. Both had mutual thoughts on the new model being a slightly more quiet running PS4. OCD Guy commented:

” The replacement is similar to the Xbox One, infact at idle it’s actually quieter. Xbox one reads 49dB at idle, and the ps4 reads 45dB at idle. Bear in mind that the decibel reading is not scientific and I don’t actually care about the end figure as the actual sound reading is not from a calibrated device, I’m using a smart phone app, but all I’m concerned about is using it as a yardstick to measure the difference, so the ps4 I have now is 4dB quieter at idle. The advantage of the Xbox one is the fan noise seems to remain constant regardless of what you do, the psu fan is noisy though.

To put some perspective on my earlier unit, at idle it measured 56dB. Anyway back to the replacement ps4, I downloaded rocket league quickly as that ramped the earlier one up, and the ps4 remains quiet. I’m happy with this one.”

OCD Guy also went on to comment on his belief in the mechanical buttons are a step backwards as they had a “cheap” and “loose” feeling. Despite these negative comments, it’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t mind the old school method of button mechanics as I’m sure we’ve all accidentally turned off our console when attempting to eject a disc due to touch button mechanics.

Although there is no set date on a North American release stay tuned to PixelPine for any upcoming news regarding the new PS4 model.


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Watch Dogs 2 May Be Under Development


According to Julien Risse, Watch Dogs senior gameplay programer, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 is under development.

There is extremely little information on the potential upcoming title, aside from the possibility of it actually being created, but it can be assumed that if there is in fact development going on for the new title, a lot of “development” will be taking place.


The 2014 release of Watch Dogs brought a spark of excitement but was quickly put out once consumers were able to experience the game for themselves. It was thought to be a cool Chicago spin on the GTA style open gun-and-run world with a computer hacking element; but what it turned out to be was a big world with limitations, an emotionless story line, and not the biggest of car selections (because that’s what it’s all about right?).

It will be interesting to see if Ubisoft makes a surprise announcement at E3 in June, officially announcing the production of a second title.

Keep tuned to Pixelpine for any future Watch Dogs 2 news.

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3 Games to Buy for Next Gen in 2015

Don’t know where to spend your gaming budget in 2015? We’re here to help.

After being released in 2013, Next Generation Consoles are nearing two and a half years old. With release day games like Titanfall and Killzone Shadow Fall the consoles had some very mixed reviews. The general consensus was to wait a year or more and just stick with the users old console so next gen gaming can have some time to improve and have some better titles.

Well now here we are in 2015, so how are Xbox Ones and PS4‘s doing?

So far this year we have had some mediocre games with a few highly notable ones. Titles such as Bloodborne, Mortal Combat X, and Dying Light show us the excellence, beauty, and potential next gen offers where games like The Order remind us that maybe it’s only… beauty.

There is still about 8 months left in the year and that means plenty of upcoming releases. With plenty of time but only a limited amount of spending money, Pixelpine has taken the courtesy of helping you figure out where your money should be going when buying your Xbox One or PS4 games for 2015.

Here are the 3 top options coming out on Xbox One and PS4 at some point this year:


Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – November 17, 2015

Making a surprise appearance at E3 in 2013, publisher Electronic Arts rocked the gaming world by announcing that the start of the third instalment of the Battlefront series was underway. Almost two years have passed and now the millions of fans who have waited since 2005 for another Battlefront title only have to wait until November. Whether you are one of the decade old fans or new to the series this game will be a must buy.

The unique third or first person shooter portraying a cultural classic lets you relive the old Star Wars battles from both sides of the force and gives you the option to even change the course of the galaxy.


Tom Clancy’s The Division – TBD, 2015 

It was tough putting this up as a must buy because there is such little information available about the title but what information there is gives it a very appealing edge.

Based from the story in the Tom Clancy series, The Division sets us about a month after a black friday resulted epidemic in New York City. You, the player, are a part of a last resort unit called The Division. You’re mission is to live among the people of what is left of New York and do whatever necessary to prevent the fall of society and help piece it back together.

This game is an MMO and the map is HUGE. It lengthens throughout all parts of New York City. Although very little gameplay has been revealed for the game this video will give you a good idea of what to expect when the title is released:



Batman Arkham Knight – June 23, 2015

So far the Batman series have been very successful and there are many reasons to believe that his title will be the best of the series.

The map is bigger, the weapons are better, the villains are harder, emotions are strong and the bat mobile is more badass than ever. With improved next gen graphics and fighting mechanics Batman Arkham Knight will be the most action-packed and exciting of the series.

A Game That Could Go Either Way


No Man’s Sky

As a bonus here is one game worth checking out this year:

From small studio producer and developer Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is an incredibly unique game. It is a game of exploration and the only game where the exploration is truly unique to each player. Why is this? Because each player can be exploring a part of the game no other person in the world has ever explored, literally.

Hello Games has developed an engine where the map is self creating: infinite.

The game takes place in the universe. Each player is set in a spaceship on a random planet. Players can fly and explore this planet and its vegetation but have the option to leave and fly out into the universe where thousands, millions of planets are waiting to be explored due to the self creating world. The more you play the more chance you will have to progress and increase your ships weaponry, armour, and engine.

With such a unique concept for a game and coming from a small developer No Man’s Sky is a wildcard at the moment to whether it will be the game of the decade or a game not worth buying. Your best bet will be to wait until it comes out and to watch reviews and gameplay to see if the game will suit you.


We hope that this article helps you in deciding where your gaming budget will be going for the rest of the year and stay tuned to Pixelpine for reviews for each of these titles.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Opens Tomorrow for Next Gen

Starting tomorrow the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited beta will be available for Xbox One and PS4 users.

It will be up and running starting tomorrow, April 23, at 10am ET and will be continuing on until Monday, April 27, 10am ET.

Only those who have been fortunate enough to receive an invitation will be able to participate; therefore, its highly suggested that if you haven’t been checking you’re email the-edler-scrolls-online-wallpaper-yuiphone-characters-1920x1080_1you do so ASAP. The invites are going out now but do a thorough check because your spam filter may have picked up the email.

It’s been noted that although nothing will be closed off and the whole open world will be available, all game content will be wiped prior to the games official console launch on June 9 so don’t get too attached to your character you built from the starting level of 1.

Bathesda Softworks is looking to shake off a poor first year showing for the MMO. They’ve re-patched the game with 6 different updates and have even changed the name to Elder Scrolls online: Tamriel Unlimited. The most significant of all changes would be the removal of a monthly subscription. Now consumers will just buy the game for an up front price of $59.99 USD and will not have to pay the $15 monthly subscription that was required previously.

Below is the cinematic trailer for Tamriel Unlimited


For more Elder Scrolls and next-gen console news stay tuned to


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LEGO Dimensions to release September 29

Warner Bros has finally announced the release date of the highly anticipated real-life to virtual-world LEGO experience — LEGO Dimensions.

Starting September 29, LEGO will be releasing a starter pack that will include the game disc for one of several platforms, the LEGO gateway itself, and three characters: Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Batman (DC), and Wyldstyle (LEGO Movie). This package will also include a miniature LEGO batmobile.

This pack will be listed at a reasonable $99.99 USD and it has been confirmed by Warner Home Video Games that the LEGO gateway and game disc will be compatible with future expansion packs for years to come.


Above is an example of some of the first team, level, and fun packs that will be released to be used with the LEGO gateway.

LEGO has been able to team up with a wide variety of brands to create a diverse, imaginative opportunity for its users.

Up to date the brands include,

  • Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit (Middle Earth)
  • DC Comics (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman)
  • The LEGO Movie
Back to the Future
  • The Wizard of OZ
  • Ninjago

LEGO Dimensions will surely be featuring more brands in the future as they look to expand on the unique and imaginative atmosphere Dimensions gives its audience.

Stay tuned to Pixelpine for more LEGO Dimensions news.

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GTA 5 Receives Patch To Fix Online Graphics for Next Gen Consoles


When playing Grand Theft Auto V online on your Xbox One or PS4 you may have noticed a slight downgrade in the graphic quality compared to the ones you see in your offline experience. Well worry no more; Rockstar Games have released the solution to your misery.

Now available is an update for Xbox One and PS4 users that will clear away all bugs, which resulted in graphical deterioration, while also fixing a couple other online visual errors. Reported courtesy of the Rockstar Support Site, the update will complete such tasks:

  • Fixes graphical issues on PS4 and Xbox One introduced after Title Update 1.08.
  • Corrects an issue where some players’ character appearances would change periodically
  • Fixes an animation issue where another player aiming on your screen would not    play the correct animation

If you don’t own a next generation console and are a PC user, the pre load on Steam of the recreated GTA V game became available today and will be released on April 14.

Stay tuned to Pixelpine for more GTA V updates.

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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Supply Drops” Available April 7 on PS4

If you’ve taken the road less traveled when purchasing your next-gen console and chose to take the Xbox One route, then this shouldn’t raise any eyebrows as you’ve had this luxury for over a month now. But if you’re like me and simply enjoy a gaming console over a home-family entertainment system (someone had to say it), then let your eyebrow rise.

Starting April 7th, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have purchasable supply drops available in the in-game store. Each supply drop will contain three items designed to improve your armory and give additional customization to your operator.

If you don’t like the items you receive, each individual one can be cashed in for XP. Prices will be $1.99 for a single supply drop or $5.99 for three. You can choose to buy a package of 5 for $9.99 that also includes one free additional drop or if you plan on being a big spender, there are options for you. For $19.99 you can purchase 10 drops with 3 bonus ones added (13 total) or for $39.99 you can have 20 supply drops with eight added bonus ones (28 total).


There is some controversy over having purchasable supply drops. The first being fairness. Before supply drops were purchasable there was already the argument that they create an unfair advantage for those lucky enough to receive boosted armory in them. Now that they are purchasable the idea of “Pay to Win” starts to take a stronger role.

But let’s be honest here, does Sledgehammer Games and Activision care? Probably not, I’m sure they’re fine with the money that will be flowing in from the PS4 crowd.

For more Advanced Warfare news stay tuned to