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2k Sports to make its return to football this summer | Joe Montana Football 16 confrimed

After a long stretch of holding a monopoly on football games, EA Sports looks like they will be getting some competition in the American football realm as 2k looks to re-enter the industry for the second time since EA Sports began their exclusivity contract with the NFL in 2004.

This will be the second era of Joe Montana Football releases. The 49ers’ legend and Hall of Fame quarterback had initially branded a four year run of NFL games in the early 90s on the Sega Master System and the Sega Genesis.

While this will be the only alternative to the Madden franchise on the new generation consoles, it will unfortunately still be without the NFLPA and NFL license agreements that would bring the real players, jerseys, and teams. The only tweet of an actual in-game screenshot shows what most could expect — unlicensed teams and (outside of Montana) generic players. Despite the lack of NFL authenticity the game is shown to have some high quality visuals being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

So Joe Montana Football 16 is confirmed and it will likely be coming to consoles — but details regarding how the game will get there is uncertain given the publisher is still unknown. Even who the game’s developers would still be hazy if it weren’t for a few helpful hints from Montana himself.

Later, Montana retweeted the same artwork shown here, but with a 2K Sports logo overlayed onto it.

More details will surely arrive soon, but who releases the info is to-be-determined.

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