Little Big Planet 3 giving players full creative control | Adds 3D movement

Little Big Planet has always encouraged a creative approach to gameplay, and Little Big Planet 3 shows the desire to enhance the core idea driving the game. With customizable worlds comes an immense amount of potential mini-games — whether it is in the traditional Little Big Planet style or something entirely different. The trailer shows that the ability to approach level creation […]

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Bloodborne enhances the style of Dark Souls | New gameplay trailer

From the sound of it, Sony is shifting all gears to Playstation 4 and Bloodborne looks to be an excellent addition as the console grows this generation. With a dark and ancient setting, an incredible game director in Hidetaka Miyazaki, and incredible array of creatures to massacre, Bloodborne shows a massive amount of potential. An intensely-challenging RPG in a complex open-world may sound […]

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Killzone: Shadowfall the subject of a false-advertising lawsuit against Sony

The popular Playstation-exclusive FPS, Killzone Shadowfall, is under fire for not running the multiplayer at the “native” 1080p that was originally promised. Originally reported by Polygon, Sony is being accused of “deceptive marketing,” as the game’s multiplayer actually runs at 960 x 1080 with an up-scaling technology called “temporal reprojection.” In fact, Guerrilla Games admits that their game may not be […]

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