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Little Big Planet 3 giving players full creative control | Adds 3D movement

Little Big Planet 3 brings more creative options for players.
Little Big Planet 3 brings more creative options for players.

Little Big Planet has always encouraged a creative approach to gameplay, and Little Big Planet 3 shows the desire to enhance the core idea driving the game.

With customizable worlds comes an immense amount of potential mini-games — whether it is in the traditional Little Big Planet style or something entirely different. The trailer shows that the ability to approach level creation very freely.

But beyond the levels itself, the characters within it shows possibilities for a great amount of cutomization and personalization. With four player multiplayer available, the classic Sackboy character is available to use, but additional characters and customizable heros are able to star in the custom worlds as well.

There are three new main characters and each has different traits and characterisitics that alter the way you might approach a level or a puzzle.

  • Oddsock – The canine-esque sock is quick and nimble, and can quickly squeeze through small gaps. Oddsock’s most distinct trait is his ability to jump off walls.
  • Swoop – His name very fitting —  Swoop is small bird that can quickly fly through the levels at great speeds while also grabbing small objects with her talons
  • Big Toggle – Big Toggle can morph from small to large and is capable  of  weighing  down  platforms  and  moving  heavy  objects.

Little Big Planet 3 is coming exclusively to Playstation 4 this November.


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Silent Hills – playable teaser available on Playstation 4

Norman Reedus will be starring in Kojima Productions' Silent Hills.
Norman Reedus will be starring in Kojima Productions’ Silent Hills.

Silents Hills was revealed by Sony at their Gamescom conference Tuesday and has a playable teaser available on Playstation 4.

Though it was originally thought to have been in development by 7780 Studios, an entirely unknown dev, it has instead been revealed to be a Hideo Kojima’s first party studio — Kojima Productions.

The developer, in association with Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro, plans to hold nothing back in the development of this game. Kojima wants to set a new standard of horror video games.

“…originally we were thinking of making a game that would make you pee your pants, but at this point we’ve changed our minds, and now we’re aiming for a game that will make you s*** your pants.”

Some may question the plans and may believe that the game could be too scary for a general audience. In the most delightful way, Kojima simply doesn’t care about the boundaries that other developers are wary of.

“One thing that you have to keep in mind is that, if a game is too scary, people just won’t play it. If it gets too scary you just keep your eyes shut and soon it will be over. But if it’s a game, people will just stop. So that’s why there’s a limit on how scary you can make a game. But in this case we’re totally ignoring that and, you know what? If you don’t want to keep on playing through the game, so be it. We don’t care. That’s the game we are aiming for.”

That type of bold approach immediately sky-rockets the potential of the game itself. The visuals alone looked remarkable, but a ground-breaking narrative to follow through certainly makes Silent Hills an exciting prospect to follow.

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Bloodborne enhances the style of Dark Souls | New gameplay trailer

From the sound of it, Sony is shifting all gears to Playstation 4 and Bloodborne looks to be an excellent addition as the console grows this generation.

With a dark and ancient setting, an incredible game director in Hidetaka Miyazaki, and incredible array of creatures to massacre, Bloodborne shows a massive amount of potential.

An intensely-challenging RPG in a complex open-world may sound very familiar — as it should. Developed by the same company who’s created Demon Souls and Dark Souls, Bloodborne shares many similar gameplay elements and an extremely similar art style.

The trailer resembles so much of Dark Souls and Demon Souls it is reasonable to question if any in-game relation will occur between the two games. Though the specific details of the story have not been revealed as of yet.

The Playstation 4 exclusive will be launched worldwide in 2015.

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Killzone: Shadowfall the subject of a false-advertising lawsuit against Sony

California resident, Douglas Adore believes the reality of Killzone: Shadowfall's resolution is not as advertised.
California resident, Douglas Adore believes the reality of Killzone: Shadowfall’s resolution is not as advertised.

The popular Playstation-exclusive FPS, Killzone Shadowfall, is under fire for not running the multiplayer at the “native” 1080p that was originally promised.

Originally reported by Polygon, Sony is being accused of “deceptive marketing,” as the game’s multiplayer actually runs at 960 x 1080 with an up-scaling technology called “temporal reprojection.”

In fact, Guerrilla Games admits that their game may not be considered “native” 1080p, depending on the definition taken of the term.

“In Multiplayer mode, however, we use a technique called “temporal reprojection,” which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native.”

The lawsuit, filed by California resident, Douglas Adore, claims that “Sony’s marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction.”

Adore, represented by Edelson PC law firm, essentially states that the “temporal reprojection” method utilized by Guerrilla Games is not “native 1080p,” and therefore the advertisements saying it was were a misrepresentation of the game itself.

For the vast majority of gamers, you probably won’t actually notice any difference while playing the game, but the semantics argued by Adore’s suit are valid enough to formally address.

Edelson PC is known for their legal action regarding videogames and it currently enveloped in another case with Sega and Gearbox.

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Despite Xbox One’s soaring June sales, PS4 still top dog

The console wars between Xbox One and PS4 are starting to heat up. (Photo/
The console wars between Xbox One and PS4 are starting to heat up.

PS4 still top-selling console in US, despite strong June sales for Xbox One


Microsoft knew exactly what it was doing when it decided to remove the Kinect from Xbox One packages. And it has worked — for the most part. Sales have doubled for the next-gen console, after an impressive showing at E3 2014, which honed in on a specific direction: gaming.

But Sony let out a loud cough Friday in response to Microsoft’s announcement 24 hours earlier, when it took to Twitter to boast PS4’s sixth straight month on top of console sales charts, according to the June NPD report.

Vice president of PlayStation Marketing, Guy Longworth, also added the following comments, further reigning on Microsoft’s sales parade.

  • PlayStation 4 was #1 in sales for the sixth consecutive month and remains the cumulative leader for next generation game consoles.

  • PlayStation 4 was #1 for next generation software sales, with PS4 leading two of the top three titles.

  • PlayStation was #1 in combined home console hardware sales (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3) for the month.

  • The biggest next generation software titles, including Watch Dogs, UFC, and FIFA 14, were #1 on PlayStation 4, further demonstrating that PS4 is the platform of choice for blockbuster games.

With no triple-a titles releasing this summer for Xbox One, Sony will be counting on the July 29 release of  The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 and the first major DLC  for Infamous Second Son, entitled First Light (shown at E3) to kickstart the humdrum summer season and help maintain its sizable lead over Microsoft.

In September, we will see the highly-anticipated release of Bungie’s Destiny on both next-gen platforms and well as the PS3 and Xbox 360, and annual sports installments in the form of the revamped NHL 15 and always-improving FIFA 15.

This console race is a marathon, not a sprint, and after eight months in the US market, things are starting to get interesting for both platforms. Time will tell if it remains a turtle race or if a one of these animals breaks away.

NOTES: Watch Dogs was top-selling game for June for second month in a row, followed by Mario Kart 8.

Wii U continued its console momentum from May into June with console sales up a mouth-dropping 233 percent over June 2013 sales, and the first six months of sales up 48 percent over the same time span last year.

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PlayStation Vita hard to find? Looking for one? Read below

The Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle was released back in May to both negative and positive review; but it is nowhere to be found now.
The Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle was released back in May to both negative and positive review; but it is nowhere to be found now. (Photo/

The PlayStation Vita Slim released in the US back in May as part of a Borderlands 2 bundle (priced at $199.99) and was met with mixed critics. Many praised the new model for its extended battery life, fresh ergonomic and comfortable feel and its improved internal memory. But critics were also displeased by the loss of the favored OLED screen and the substitution of the mediocre LCD screen.

But, like many Sony gamers looking to take advantage of the convenient and useful Remote Play in tandem with our PlayStation 4s, I have been unable to find a PlayStation Vita for almost two months.

Popular game retailers are virtually wiped out of the mobile system. GameStop and Best Buy have none in-stock on their websites or their shelves for that matter. only has private sellers in possession of the in-demand device and obviously those sellers are inflating the price at least 50 dollars because of the high demand and low supply.

But if you are in search of one, you may be in luck. Below is a screenshot, taken Sunday night from gamestop’s official website, advertising the same Borderlands bundle, coupled with either a starter kit or triggers for a fraction more than the original $199.99 price tag (either $217.98 or $232.97 to be exact).

It is scheduled to release this Tuesday, July 15. But it is unclear whether these bundles will be shipped to local stores for pickup or only be available online to purchase.

This screenshot, taken from, shows new PlayStation Vitas set to arrive in US for Tuesday.
This screenshot, taken from, shows new PlayStation Vitas set to arrive in US this Tuesday, July 15.

I reached out to several local GameStop stores to try to confirm these shipments but the managers of each store were not aware of any upcoming shipments. published an article on July 3, stating the Sony’s struggles with keeping up their handheld’s high demand.

Could this be Sony restocking its US supply of Playstation Vita under the radar? Stay tuned to Tuesday, when the bundle releases and if I finally purchase one of my own.































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