What is VizionEck?

  VizionEck, a competitive first-person shooter with vibrant colorful art and an encouragement to explore non-typical approaches to combat. Michael Armbrust released the first glimpse of his upcoming title’s gameplay today. Showcasing an overload of bright neon colors everywhere you look, the game utilizes a very abstract environment for players to play. The game’s abstract style goes beyond just its […]

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Nintendo looking to gain console ground this holiday

Nintendo is not dead, not yet. With many of Sony and Microsoft’s system sellers being pushed into early 2015, gamers do not have much reason to purchase a next-gen console. Sony opened up its first-party lineup back in November with the PlayStation 4’s launch starting with the platformer Knack (which had much more potential) and Killzone: Shadow Fall (which was […]

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Destiny proves promising by building off of Halo’s success

Bungie is going to have a massive task ahead to market Destiny to the people to encourage them that this new franchise is indeed going to be incredible. So far the quality of the game looks outstanding. The game has been presented extraordinarily well in the just the limited Alpha stages of game development. A staunch difference in comparison to their 2013 simple and straighforward […]

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