Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer revealed

Fast. That’s the best word to describe Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. With the futuristic setting giving more flex in regards to creative design, the gameplay itself is somewhat reminiscent of Titanfall with regards to the speed of movement and different approaches players can take advantage of to flank their opponent. Perks and powerups like invisibility and a heat-vision-esque enemy tracker are just […]

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Dying Light gameplay trailer revealed

Techland, the developer of the upcoming first-person shooter Dying Light, has revealed a new gameplay trailer just days before the start of Gamescom. A massive open-world, an incredible variety of weapons, and an attempt to spur a meaningful story through the brutality involved is an exciting prospect for the zombie genre. Techland’s recent “Humanity” trailer shows the company has a clear desire to […]

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Battlefiend Hardline delayed to 2015

Though it was originally planned to release October 21st this year, EA/Dice has delayed their next Battlefield game to early 2015. Since Battlefield Hardline’s beta released at E3, Dice stated that they gained a better idea of what its fans want and have elected to delay the game to ensure a more finished product. The developer looks to focus on […]

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