Self-sustained World of Warcraft subscriptions? In-game currency now valid currency for buying subcriptions

For its 11-year lifespan World of Warcraft has positioned itself as a steady and prominent icon in modern gaming. Now, the game’s developers at Blizzard are implementing a new system that could help keep more players playing. The system follows the similar model of Eve Online’s Plex program. It allows players who may have the time to play, but struggle […]

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A Nazi-Zombie onslaught awaits in the Zombie Army Trilogy | Gameplay trailer released

Zombie Army was derived from the Sniper Elite games and first gained its popularity on PC back in 2013. Now the third-person-shooter’s developers at Rebellion Developments are bringing the terrifying apocalypse to consoles. The game brings a rarely-seen mix of the zombie genre and the WWII genre — putting players in a Nazi Germany that has been riddled with a […]

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New MMO, Crowfall, releasing soon | “A game where decisions matter”

Coming from the minds of some very experienced developers and gamers, Crowfall, a new upcoming MMO has been unveiled. The creative director of Shadowbane, J. Todd Coleman, and the executive producer of Ultima Online and Star Wars: the Old Republic, Gordon Walton, are breaking off from these popular projects in order to focus on creating their own unique game along with the support […]

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