An FPS during the Dinosaur age; ARK: Survival Evolved comes to Steam Early Access in June

An open-world dinosaur survival game is soon coming to major platforms. ARK: Survival Evolved gives players an MMO first person shooter in a natural Jurassic environment with lush forests and dark, murky caves. Players can work together to survive through hunting, harvesting, growing crops, and/or building shelter to fend off the deadly creatures. ARK’s stand-out feature is the ability to […]

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Uncanny Valley | Review

Uncanny Valley(UVa), what can I say? It stands above the Steam Greenlight breeding grounds for cash grabs and horrifying attempts at video game design, but how far does it stand? Uncanny Valley is a horror/psychological thriller developed by Cowardly Creations. Much in the same way Lone Survivor plays, Uncanny Valley is side-scrolling, pixelated, and utilizes an atmosphere of darkness, solitude, […]

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