DOTA 2 gets overhauled with new interface and engine

Roughly two years after the initial release of Dota 2, the game’s developer and publisher, Valve has revealed an entire overhaul to the game’s interface and engine. This popular eSport game has gained immense popularity on twitch and has garnered an incredible following over the years. “We’re using a new UI framework which enables us to make the game more […]

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Fallout 4 reveal trailer “It’s All Over”

Fallout 4 returns with an incredible wave of excitement being washed over everyone who’s been a fan of the series. The developers at Bethesda studios already had high expectations to live up to after the massive succcess of Fallout 3 as it won a variety of prestigious awards. The expectations look even higher now with the small glimpses at the […]

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Audiosurf 2: Surfing Your Music, Again | Review

Now, as Audiosurf 2 has recently been released from the throes of early access, officially “launched” to the public of Steam, I can only help but feel that it must be reviewed with care and prowess, dissecting the fruitful gains of an entertaining piece of software, but given the current state, I can’t afford Audiosurf 2 its potential score, such that […]

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