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ZombiU comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC as Zombi; announcement trailer released

When ZombiU released on the WiiU three years ago it was one of the most eye-catching titles for a game on a Nintendo console having a darker and gorier style. Now as the WiiU’s struggles continue Ubisoft will be porting their first-person survival game to next-gen consoles and PC.

ZombiU was initially designed to take full advantage of the unique features of the WiiU consoles — most notably the secondary screen on the gamepad. The same base game is at the core, but now the game has been upgraded visually and streamlined for a standard controller/keyboard experience.

The game will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC August 18.

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Half Life 3 will not release according to anonymous source

According to The Know and an anonymous source relaying information to them, Half Life 3’s development has begun to wind down with plans within Valve pointing towards the cancellation of the popular, cult-followed FPS.

The Know’s insider has claimed that the team working on Half Life 3 has dwindled from the hundreds in 2009 to just 10 people today. While the story, gameplay, and script is already in place, the game is not being prioritized by Valve due to pretty much only negative reactions possible if they were to release the game.

According to the source, Mass Effect 3 — yes, Bioware’s RPG — is a major influential factor in convincing Valve that a release is not worth the great potential that the game would underwhelm; especially when the hype surrounding the game is so high. Apparently the extreme negative reactions circulating the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy convinced Valve that there is no possible way that they can release a game perfect enough to live up to what people would hope for and any release would be a disappointment to far too many people.

In addition to comparing Half Life 3 to other similar releases, Valve’s current status as a business is so incredibly successful with Dota 2 and Team Fortress, and the microtransactions within the games, that there’s no financial motivation for the game to come out.

While it is important to remember that this is a rumor and to take anything coming from an anonymous source with a grain of salt though the reasoning behind the potential cancellation is sound. But if the game does still have anyone on its development team than perhaps it isn’t time to give up all hope just yet.

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Microsoft looking to add keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One

Phil Spencer confirmed on twitter recently that Microsoft will be adding keyboard and mouse support in the near future, but the extent of its implementation is yet to be known. While it would make sense for more games to take advantage of keyboard and mouse support — especially given its advantages for certain game genres like FPS’s and strategy games — there are a variety of other ways that the inclusion of this support could benefit the overall experience of the console.

The keyboard app currently works on the Xbox One — but only for the limited instances where it would be needed for text like messages, entering information in games, and using the web browser.

The immediate confirmation that mouse support is being included likely means it’ll make a more intuitive web browsing experience. However for those expecting the keyboard and mouse integration to be extraordinarily significant they’ll be disappointed. The Xbox One’s predecessor, the Xbox 360, also had keyboard and mouse support but few games implemented it as doing so could present unfair advantages for certain users.

While it’s certain that Microsoft will putting the keyboard and mouse to much greater use on the Xbox One the way it is used will likely be heavily within the console’s apps rather than its games.

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Batman: Arkham Knight sales suspended on PC; Apology issued from Warner Bros

Amid an absymal launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC with the title being littered with bugs, glitches, and other various issues rendering the game nearly unplayable, the folks at Warner Bros have elected to remove the PC version of the game from online stores and suspend future game sales.

Complaints ranged from everything from a capped FPS rate to a game so poorly optimized even the most powerful systems struggled to run it properly. A 1080p experience (something the former games had little issues with running at 60 FPS) of Batman: Arkham Knight is almost impossible. Playing the game on any average consumer level gaming PC is a challenge.

Warner Bros. is recognizing these shortcomings with sale of the game now postponed on online gaming stores such as Steam and is thanking fans for the “valuable feedback.”

The full statement from the company is as follows:

Dear Batman: Arkham Knight PC owners,

We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards.  We greatly value our customers and know that while there are a significant amount of players who are enjoying the game on PC, we want to do whatever we can to make the experience better for PC players overall.

Thank you to those players who have already given valuable feedback. We are continuously monitoring all threads posted in the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Community and Steam forums, as well as any issues logged with our Customer Support ( If you purchased your copy of the game and are not satisfied with your experience, then we ask for your patience while these issues are resolved. If desired, you can request a refund at (Steam refund policies can be found here: or the retail location where you purchased the game.

The Batman: Arkham fans have continually supported the franchise to its current height of success, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work to deliver an updated version of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC so you can all enjoy the final chapter of the Batman: Arkham series as it was meant to be played.

This decision from Warner Bros seems to tie in with the recent refund policy of Steam.

No word has been given on when the game will return to stores.

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Fallout 4 gameplay, story, world editing, customization details and release date announced

E3 starts off with a bang.

After being teased almost two weeks ago Bethesda’s Fallout 4 reveal showed fans everything they could have imagined and so much more.

A bit of the Fallout 4’s story background was revealed showing the primary character and his family escaping to Vault 111 amid their first realization of the nuclear attack. While not all the details are revealed, your character is able to survive the nukes as the lone survivor of Vault 111. He is awoken and rises to the outside world — 200 years later.

fallout 4 screenshot 1
First person combat looks much improved over Fallout 3.

The destroyed city of Boston will certainly be fun for fans to explore with a vast map size. Todd Howard, director of Fallout 4, reiterated over and over the ambition of the game and the emphasis on improving combat.

The presentation showed improved first-person/third-person gameplay with a much higher quality FPS feel to the game. Along with that, the Vats system will also be noticeably better as well.

Though when the combat dies down, your best friend throughout Fallout 3, the pip-boy is now vastly improved as well. A more fluent UI, audio track compatibility, mini-games, and more make the pip-boy better than ever. And now, for those who want one… they can get one. A real pip-boy is now on sale. (Yes. The real pip-boy.) It is available on Amazon for preorder right now for $120.

You can now have your very own Pip-Boy. Compatible with your smartphone.
You can now have your very own Pip-Boy. Compatible with your iOS or Android smartphone.

And just as Todd Howard seemed to start toning things down, the big news was ramped up again with a new world customization and settlement reveal. Players can now scavenge for supplies and scrap throughout the world and use it to create their own haven complete with defenses, furniture, and completely customizable buildings.

The personalization options don’t end there though. Everything now “has a purpose.” Every item and piece of material you scavenge for is now available to be utilized and implemented into your weaponry and armor. The variety of weapons immediately skyrockets with simple guns being edited into powerful firearms.

There’s so many more other little things to take note of. Let us know what you noticed from the Fallout 4 E3 2015 reveal in the comments below or tweet us @pixelpine.

More will certainly be revealed in the coming months all the way up to the November 11, 2015 release of Fallout 4. The game will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and will retail at $59.99 for the basic copy and $119.99 for the Pip-Boy Edition.

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DOTA 2 gets overhauled with new interface and engine

Roughly two years after the initial release of Dota 2, the game’s developer and publisher, Valve has revealed an entire overhaul to the game’s interface and engine. This popular eSport game has gained immense popularity on twitch and has garnered an incredible following over the years.

“We’re using a new UI framework which enables us to make the game more lightweight while also building a stronger foundation for new features here and in future updates.” – Dota 2 Reborn Part 1

This new update dubbed “Reborn” by Valve will give Dota a much improved user interface with smoother and more fluent navigation. Custom games and a new chat are also on the way with a new lobbies system making setting up a game as easy as possible.

The new interface addresses everything from the main dashboard UI to the Dota TV UI — which new includes 1080p, 60 fps streams.

Making starting a game as simple as possible was a clear priority for Valve in this redesign, and with Reborn the “Play Dota” button is always visible no matter what screen you navigate to.

For players new to the game, a greatly improved tutorial incorporates guided bot matches to make the transition to a full game less daunting.

Dota 2 is free to play and currently available on Steam.

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The Witcher 3 continues to lead the charts; sells 4 million copies in two weeks

With back-to-back weeks as the leader on the UK’s Charttrack, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a bonafide hit with virtually universal praise as an open-world RPG. As fans of the game enjoy playing CD Projekt Red has benefited with four million copies sold worldwide.

The developer of the series, CD Projekt, promises they wont let fans down with the love they’re being given.

Co-founder of the company, Marcin Iwinski said in an open letter to fans “you can be sure that we’ll harness all that positive energy and make the upcoming expansions worthy of the grand adventure that you’re telling us Wild Hunt already is!”

The expansions referred to, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, will release in October and early 2016 respectively. Hearts of Stone will retail at $9.99 while Blood and Wine will be $19.99. Both of the DLC releases are expected to offer a tremendous amount of content with Iwinski claiming they could would include more than some stand-alone games.

“”We remember the time when add-on disks truly expanded games by delivering meaningful content. As gamers, we’d like to bring that back. We’ve said in the past that if we ever decide to release paid content, it will be vast in size and represent real value for the money. Both our expansions offer more hours of gameplay than quite a few standalone games out there.”

The Witcher 3 is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for $59.99.

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Fallout 4’s complete story, gameplay information, and release plan leaked

For the vast majority of the time the detailed rumors explaining exactly what will be in a certain game are blatantly false. This was not one of those times. A former Bethesda employee that was fired nearly a year ago for releasing “confidential information” issued a detailed post as revenge for being axed. The post explains everything about Fallout 4.

The employee, Sandra Reed, was spot on with the release of the Fallout 4 trailer and the setting of the game being in Boston. Her revenge post was listed on the Fallout subreddit of Some notable information from her reveal include an October 2015 release date and also another Xbox 360 and PS3 release in 2016. The game’s plot and some information regarding the gameplay has also been revealed.

Check it out below.

Before you all say: "TROLL!" "LIAR!", etc, you can all can your mouths and ask one of the Bethesda Employees about Me (my username is my name) and they will confirm I worked for Bethesda. I am strictly posting this in "Revenge" for them firing me.
Anyways, I worked at Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland up until last month before I was fired for releasing confidential information (but it was an accident!) and so here I am, sitting unemployed with my 2 kids thanks to those fools. So, I wanted to say: I worked on, and played, Fallout 4. Yes, I did.
I want to confirm that the recent leaks about Fallout 4 are true. In Fallout 4, you are in Boston, and it takes place in the year 2287, exactly 10 years after Fallout 3. In Fallout 4, mixing things up, we are making the game more "Story Based" and the player character will finally talk, and narrate his storyline.
At the beginning of the game, you create your character (You can only be a male in the main story), and afterward, you start the game with a blast. After the blast, you awake to see the building you are standing inside blown apart and your wife, Lydia, dead. Robots and Androids are storming the place, killing and kidnapping the people inside. You, known as "The Officer", must escape and get revenge.
LOCATION: Fallout 4 is set in and around Boston and the surrounding countryside.
The downtown area is entirely controlled by "The Institute", a group of techies and scholars, as well as researchers, who devote their lives to technology. The countryside area is a "Wasteland" with small towns and settlements, as well as vaults here and there. Logan International Airport is taken over by the Brotherhood of steel, who are there trying to control the technology, and are currently waging a war against the institute, as they both have disagreements as to who should be in control of the technology in the area.
Meanwhile, Vault 79, located outside of Boston, is under the control by "The Railroad", a group of people dedicated to helping Androids escape the institute.
The map of Fallout 4 is about 3 times the size of Skyrim. The reason for this is to make a much more realistic and interactive world, that players can always find new things, even if they have played it for years after release.
  • The Railroad returns from Fallout 3, where you only had a small glimpse of it during the "Replicated man" quest. In this game, they are a full faction and are much larger.
  • The Brotherhood Of Steel returns and control Logan Airport. This BOS is not the same as seen in Fallout 3. Instead, a similar BOS to the ones seen in the classic Fallout games as well as Fallout New Vegas make an appearance, only caring about technology, and will obtain it by force if they have to.
  • The Institute returns from Fallout 3, and is headed by a man named Thomas Littleton. They are the primary antagonists of the game, and control most of Boston Downtown. Their patrols in Downtown Boston are the counterpart in this game to the Super Mutants in Downtown DC in Fallout 3.
  • Talon Company also returns, but in a much smaller force. They base operations outside of a bunker located in Downtown Boston.
  • Raiders return too.
  • Super Mutants return, in the same form as the ones from Fallout 3, keeping in line with the "East Coast" mutants.
  • Feral Ghouls return as well.
  • Vicious Dogs return.
  • Feral Cats are new, and exclusively located in one of the vaults.
  • Spore Carriers return from Fallout New Vegas, and are located in sewers.
  • Madison Li returns from Fallout 3. 10 years prior to Fallout 4, she left D.C after the Loss of James and having thought she lost the lone wanderer as well. Having had enough, she left to Boston, as it is home to one of the biggest Scientific facilities. Madison will once again be voiced by Jennifer Massey.
  • Three Dog returns as well, although he is only heard on the radio, and not seen in person. People believe the radio is not actually live, and that it is simply a looped recording. (Based on the fact that you CAN kill him in Fallout 3.) He is voiced by Erik Todd Dellums.
  • Bryan Wilks returns from Fallout 3. Yes, the little boy you saved from Grayditch. He is now 19 years old and is a mercenary, working with Talon Company. He bases his reason as to working with them on "Once someone saved me, and I wanted to be just like them!" He is voiced by Jerry Jewell.
  • Other Fallout 3 characters return as well, but only through save transfer (Detailed below).
Fallout 4 will be available for a wide range of platforms after launch. The first version that will be released is being developed for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This version uses a brand new engine built from the ground up to take advantage of the power of next gen systems. Absolutely everything is new, and no assets or scrips are being used from Fallout 3/NV or Skyrim.
Fallout 4 will also be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This version is also being developed by Bethesda Game Studios, but will release a year after the advanced version. This version runs on the Creation Engine, the same engine that powered Skyrim. This is being done so that PS3/360 users can play the game without problem. Everything will be the same in this version as the advanced version, except for the graphics, gameplay and some additional features.
Also, Fallout 4 on PS3 and Xbox 360, last I knew, was around 20GB+. This means that it will most definitely require install. Also, players of the PS3/360 version will be pleased to know that Fallout 4 will be able to import your Fallout 3 save, and adapt choices you made from that game for Fallout 4. This means that some additional characters could pop up, depending on if you killed them or not in Fallout 3. Also, some story references from Fallout 3 will be mentioned. Did the BOS save the capitol wasteland? Or did it fall? Did Sarah turn on the purifier and die? Or did the lone wanderer do it? It might get mentioned depending on your choices!
DEVELOPERS: Fallout 4 is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the same developer behind Fallout 3.
Fallout 4 plays similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. You can play in Third Person or First Person, or on the PC version, a new "Classic Mode" that will put the game into birds eye view and play similar to the classic Fallout Games. (Although by my experience, it actually looked and played more like the PS2/Xbox Fallout: Brotherhood of steel.)
Unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, you can only play as a man. This is due to the storyline requiring it. However, after the main story is over, you can have a gender change. BGS did not rule out Females for possible standalone DLC, however.
Additionally, full support for Trophies/Achievements are present on all console versions, and full steamworks support is present for the PC version.
PROGRESS: By my estimate, Fallout 4's PS4/XboxOne/PC version is about 40% complete, while the PS3/Xbox360 version is about 15% complete. Both versions are being developed by BGS.
RELEASE DATE: BGS has a "Roadmap" already planned out for Fallout 4 and a spinoff. I already was informed about it from the studio when I worked there, and I read it. Basically, the roadmap is this:
  1. June 2015 - Fallout 4 reveal at E3, trailer only
  2. July 2015 - First gameplay trailers
  3. August 2015 - More information
  4. October 2015 - PS4/Xbox One/PC release
  5. November 2015 - First DLC
  6. December 2015 - Second DLC, as well as PS3/360 version release
  7. January 2016 - Third DLC
  8. March 2016 - Forth DLC
  9. April 2016 - Fifth and Final DLC
  10. June 2016 - Fallout Spinoff revealed, in development by Behaviour Interactive.
  11. October 2016 - Fallout Spinoff released for PS4/Xbox One/PC
As I said, ask about me, but don't ask about this. If you do, it will 100% be denied. Bethesda will not comment on rumors.
PS. I leaked some of the first Fallout 4 info by accident, and it ended up in the hands of Kotaku. Oops.
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Fallout 4 reveal trailer “It’s All Over”

Fallout 4 returns with an incredible wave of excitement being washed over everyone who’s been a fan of the series. The developers at Bethesda studios already had high expectations to live up to after the massive succcess of Fallout 3 as it won a variety of prestigious awards. The expectations look even higher now with the small glimpses at the post-war, decaying-world of Boston.

The entire trailer — run in real time — takes viewers through a world just before the nukes are launched and all the way up until Vault 111 is opened and the player takes his first looks at the radiation and mutant-infested world.

The game has been confirmed for an Xbox One, PS4, and PC release — though a release date is still unknown. Fallout 4’s inclusion in Bethesda’s E3 showing will be on June 14 at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST).


See below for a collection of trailer stills.

fallout 4 trailer still 1
Everything in the trailer is run in real-time.
fallout 4 trailer still 2
Improved lighting/shadows is immediately evident from the start.
fallout 4 trailer still 5
Vault 111 will be the initial home and starting point for players.
fallout 4 trailer still 4
Areas surrounding the city are open to exploration as well.
fallout 4 trailer still 10
The first glimpses of the world looks massive.
fallout 4 trailer still 7
The dense city looking eerie at night.
fallout 4 trailer still 8
Encampments and civilization continues on post-war.
fallout 4 trailer still 6
The city of Boston is the setting of Fallout 4.
fallout 4 trailer still 9
“War never changes”
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Audiosurf 2: Surfing Your Music, Again | Review


Now, as Audiosurf 2 has recently been released from the throes of early access, officially “launched” to the public of Steam, I can only help but feel that it must be reviewed with care and prowess, dissecting the fruitful gains of an entertaining piece of software, but given the current state, I can’t afford Audiosurf 2 its potential score, such that there really isn’t much more I can cover if I were to analyze it fully.

Does this hurt the game? Quite a bit, but you can expect more inside.

Audiosurf 2 is a sequel and technical overhaul to Audiosurf, a game for PC about surfing your music. Genre defining, Audiosurf allows you to upload your favourite music into the game and generates a track for you to race vehicles down collecting points and avoiding obstacles.

If you’re anyone who’s met me, you would know some of my favourite games to play are music-based, mostly because I listen to an extensive amount of music while working, but enhancing the experience always perks my jimmies.

I immediately fell in love with Audiosurf not long after it released six years back, being able to load everything from The Beatles to Tool, much to the fancy of my teenage self, and when I found myself soaring upon cosmic highways in the wake of incredible psychedelic particle explosions, I could only help but feel elated and oddly satisfied at a very unique kind of experience.2015-05-31_00016

Well, Audiosurf 2 just landed in my lap but a few days ago, and I quickly remembered why I love this developer so much.

I loaded up the game fairly quickly as the entire package was about half a gig, and was taken aback when the load menu showed up, differing but slightly from the original. It wasn’t terribly confusing, and as soon as I figured out the layout, I realized the developer opted for an incredibly simplistic design, one that would launch you straight into gameplay without having to skirt menus and dodge prompts.

However, given the simplicity, I couldn’t help but notice the stability faltered to an annoying but sufferable degree. Perhaps the biggest of my gripes is the response of some menu buttons, in that there is none, and being locked into a song which forced a restart on two occasions.

Other variable factors included points where I thought the game had crashed and tabbing out to check actually did crash it, but it seemed that the more I played, the more stable the game got. Either way, the minor incongruencies paled under the weight of magnanimous gameplay, something which surprised me to a satiable end.

The way it works is you load up a song, choose a gamemode – which now includes a torrent of mods, something which alludes infinite possibilities – and you choose a skin to wrap over the vessel, track, and background, all of which can be modded as well, one of which is a Hotline Miami skin which you see used in the video above.

Pictured: A dusk commute

I will say that my favourite modes of gameplay are Ninja Turbo and Wakeboard, and my favourite skin is Dusk.

In Ninja Turbo your mission is to collect points, but more importantly ninja yourself around spikes in the road, or, if you’ve loaded up the Dusk skin, dodge cars lest there be a terrible accident. Just kidding, you only lose points.

Now, the Dusk skin is completely infallible in terms of offering immersion into the song, and the only thing dividing me from a twilight commute is the 37 cars I accidentally ravished on my way over increasingly unsafe slopes.

But it’s all the same either way, because in between colds sweats and feverish hands, I sensed a film of elation draping over the recess of my mind, coursing along Parov Stelar’s electro swing tracks featuring virulent turbulence and insurmountable challenges that arose from the vacancy of space.2015-05-31_00006

Audiosurf 2 does something incredibly well with its new coding, and that is adhering to music tracks. It does it so well that every block, the ebb of the pathway, and the air of the environment all confine themselves to the jaunt of the music, but flow in a transcendence of odd expression. There are times where it works too well, but mostly the immersion has increased tenfold, offering you a physical avatar to traverse your music.

Also, if you get a chance, go to your sound options and turn off the horrendous sound effects. Every time your vehicle hits a block, the loathsome jab of a salt shaker can be heard, something which drew me out of the music for completely arbitrary reasons.

Now, discussing Wakeboard, my second favourite game mode, I loaded up the cacophonic sludge metal of Electric Wizard, unsure of what I was about to get into.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about sludge metal: it doesn’t stop. In fact, there’s a minimap in the top left corner of the game screen that shows you the vertical drops of increased action and the nimble plateaus that sneak in between. Well, there’s really only two plateaus in sludge metal, one at the beginning and one at the end.2015-05-31_00007

I found this out the hard way when I started up the song and basically fell off a cliff, left to my own devices while a mad Englishman shouted spells at me. Wakeboard is much the same as literal wake surfing in that you bank off “waves”, but instead of water it’s the music and instead of accruing social merit, you need to collect point blocks and fly as high as you can to get the higher scores.

I was infinitely perplexed the first time I jumped into the air and tumbled endlessly down a steep decline, both scared and amazed in a rising heat of the moment. It was incredible fun, and several moments arose where I chained jumps and banks, giving me endless rebound into the sky above.

I usually go for about four songs at a time when I play, reveling in the updated and ultimately unfettered design, awaiting a broad future for this game, this developer, and in turn, the genre as a whole.

However, the lacking features are disheartening. The relative stability and build of the game needs work, and despite the incredible fun this game offers, those are always going to resemble a thorn in its side.

My final thoughts on Audiosurf 2 are ones of gratification in that I would totally recommend you buy this game now, even in a semi-unstable state. It offers unparalleled gameplay and an experience that will be monumentalized with the advent of modern and futuristic technologies.

Also, it’s just a blast to surf you music, man. Get it while it’s hot.


Audiosurf 2 is developed by Dylan Fitterer and can be found on Steam for $14.99