Digital gaming is on the rise; up 11% in August

Digital gaming is the future — or perhaps digital gaming is the present. As the disc-based, physical model of video games continues to shrink with the new digital-heavy approach of the Xbox One and PS4 it’s no surprise to see each month the market continue to expand. SuperData‘s recent analysis shows nearly a billion dollars (exactly $979 million) were spent […]

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The cloud works; Crackdown 3 demonstration gives Microsoft’s computing system more credit

Microsoft has boasted that the power of the cloud could give the Xbox One console a distinct computing advantage over other platforms. Until now the system had yet to be fully implemented into a game. Now Crackdown 3 is utilizing the additional computing power and showing how effective it can be in stabilizing a hardware intensive game. Crackdown has been one of Microsoft’s most […]

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Microsoft looking to Universities for expanding research on HoloLens applications

HoloLens and augmented reality is an incredibly new field with so much potential waiting to be unlocked, and Microsoft will be looking to Colleges, Universities, and Research Institutions to reach its potential. The tech juggernaut is offering $100,000 grants to students for them to explore potential applications and other general ways the platform could be utilized. Currently five grants are […]

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