Halo Wars 2 announced for Xbox One

Halo Wars 2 a continuation to the real time strategy game originally on the Xbox 360 has been announced as Microsoft’s “one last thing” at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The teaser trailer showcased some of the incredible CGI cutscene visuals that fans have come to expect since the last release of Halo Wars in 2009. The game is being developed […]

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What makes a game great?

The line between an art and a science is a bit weird with video games. In an odd way the industry meshes the two together so intrinsically the games we get from the process ends up with some of the most incredible pieces of work that any medium could produce. Typically we think of coders hard at work, but then […]

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New Spartans unveiled in Halo 5 cover art

The intriguing battle between the classic hero, and the mysterious new-comer has just gotten a bit more complex with Microsoft’s last art release showing a collection of new Spartans — including what is likely Blue Team, Master Chief’s former squad, in the bottom left corner for those familiar with the Halo lore. It seems those sided with Spartan Locke are […]

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