Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Struggling online servers lead to frustrating launch | Review (UPDATED)

Halo The Master Chief Collection is at first glance one of the best deals ever to hit the Xbox platform. Containing every game of the Master Chief saga and encompassing all the multiplayers into one easily accessibly interface. This is what was expected of the first-person shooter upon its initial launch and while the collection of games does execute the […]

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Fast gameplay, abstract setting, and quality multiplayer — the new trademarks of top shooters

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releasing just last week, the highly publicized release of Destiny back in September, and the popularity of Titanfall on the Xbox One, it seems nearly all shooters — especially first-person shooters — are following similar blue-prints to success. Two generations ago it was Medal of Honor and Call of Duty leading the World War […]

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