Xbox One E3 2015 games recap | Halo 5, Mass Effect Andromeda, Gears of War, and more

“Boom” That’s all Larry Hryb had to say to those watching the press conference when Microsoft unveiled a complete surprise announcement that will likely bode extremely well for them in encouraging Xbox 360 gamers to jump to Xbox One. Backwards compatibility was announced earlier today at their E3 briefing, and the reception has been almost universally positive. Though the ability to play […]

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Halo 5-related secret message displays in Xbox UK ad

343i and Microsoft have unveiled a new, seemingly normal trailer for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians release. With many bits and pieces of details being laid out to be uncovered by fans, 343i continues that trend in their latest trailer. The new video displays a “hacked” screen with a UNSC and ONI logo overlay interrupting a regular Xbox One games commercial. Two […]

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New Spartans unveiled in Halo 5 cover art

The intriguing battle between the classic hero, and the mysterious new-comer has just gotten a bit more complex with Microsoft’s last art release showing a collection of new Spartans — including what is likely Blue Team, Master Chief’s former squad, in the bottom left corner for those familiar with the Halo lore. It seems those sided with Spartan Locke are […]

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