What to expect from Madden 15

Due for an August 26 release, the new next-gen focused Madden game showcases a multitude of new features among them are revamped blocking mechanics, improved AI, and a more dynamic tackling feature. After releasing multiple game trailers throughout the month of July, EA has given a very clear picture of what players can expect from the installment. While the game at […]

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NHL 15: True Hockey Physics Trailer

In EA Sports’ 3rd trailer since E3, the NHL series now shows off their overhauled game-engine with entirely new puck physics and 12 player collisions for NHL 15. The overhauled puck engine will be a massive boost to the series. In previous games, the “puck” actually had the physics of a ball on the ice, but with the new engine pucks […]

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EA Sports’ NHL series is poised to take a significant step forward from its last seven installments. The last time the series jumped from last-gen to next-gen we saw an incredible difference in gameplay and graphics. It looks like the same will be happening this time around.   While the most prominent difference is the graphical improvements, smaller stories lay […]

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