New Destiny Mars trailer

The red planet will surely be a popular destination for players. The beauty of the desolate setting is simply remarkable. The new trailer emphasizes the vast world to explore and the chaos that lays beneath it. The lore of Destiny’s universe states that Mars was once an incredible thriving city, but has since collapsed since the darkness began. The two primary […]

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Players’ Destiny beta progress not transferring | Game prepared for smooth launch

All that work for nothing? That’s what Bungie is telling those who took part in their recent beta. Those who played during their select time frame while Bungie was testing their server capacity will be receiving an in-game nameplate for their profile. But Bungie’s weekly update revealed the rest of the character progress, acquired loot, and various collectibles found throughout the game will be […]

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Destiny preorders on pace for a new IP record

Activision/Blizzard’s second quarter financial results release shows that there is good reason for the tremendous amount of excitement surrounding Destiny. The quarterly report makes very exciting news for investors and fans of the game in general. “…we believe [Destiny] will be the largest new intellectual property launch in videogame history…” the release reported The company states that current pace for preorders is […]

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