Halo 5 Guardians – New trailer

343i is looking to their past experience with Bungie to ensure a high-quality next-gen Halo for fans to enjoy. Halo 2 was known for its incredible competitive multiplayer and their execution of a well balanced online-arena experience.  Halo 5 guardians looks to bring that back with an identical ranking system and the decision to forgo loadouts for your spartan. With 4v4 team modes […]

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Halo 2 Anniversary coming to Gamescom

While the remastered Halo 2 multiplayer is just a small fraction of what will be coming from 343i in The Master Chief Collection, fans should be excited to hear that 4v4 mulitplayer will be available to gamers who make the trip to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom. For those who won’t be making it to Gamescom, 343i will be keeping fans […]

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